Service-Network Leadership Training

We train professionals to become better leaders

that others want to follow.

  • Improve your team's performance.

  • Keep your best people for longer.

  • Raise your leadership EQ.


Bring Your Professional Expertise to the Next Level with our 5-Week Online Training Program

Our Training Program is perfect for giving you
your next professional upgrade!

The future belongs to Service-Network leaders!

The energy, connection, and exchange that people feel when working together. Remember that the 21st-Century is the Service Era!

Together, people can do amazing things. When your network is better, performance improves.


The key to getting the highest engagement and performance is through better leadership – not only management. Our courses will show you the difference. 


Learn how to practice the best behaviors that lead to the highest-performing teams!

Be a better candidate... For hire or promotion!

Get tips and insights on how to stand apart. The competition out there for jobs or that promotion is tough, and our Service-Network Leadership Online Program will give you many tangible advantages you can highlight as you reach ahead for hire or promotion.

Our approach is different because we help professionals like you realize what’s been hiding in plain sight, and this will make a huge difference across your whole life. 

Our program will upgrade your leadership – you will become a better professional.

Get a Service-Network Leadership Mindset:
The best performance and rewards depend on the right mindset. Your mindset is everything!

Review and upgrade your 12 Dimensions:
Make a holistic review of who you are, your strengths and weaknesses.


Learn the Keys to great Service Habitat Design:
Learn to diagnose and improve your team and what is working for or against your goals.

Complete the program at your own pace – follow the schedule that's right for you!

Although we designed the program to be completed in 5 weeks, you can go as slow or as fast as you like.

Each week is separated into four 'modules' with videos, reading materials, and self-study exercises.

Complete the program and you will have a powerful Service-Network Leadership mindset that will give you the extra edge... To get that job, to land that promotion, to lead your team, and so much more!


To view the week and module breakdown, click here.


Learn From a Service-Network Leadership Master

The insights and experiences that support our training were tried and tested by Po Chung, co-founder of DHL International.

​After retiring from leading DHL's Asia Pacific network, Po created Service-Network Leadership training to share what helped build DHL into the "most global of global companies.” The lessons and training you get through our programs will help you learn the secrets of what has made DHL succeed like no other global service company.


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