Lesson 1: 
Look Good, Feel Good

Find greater personal satisfaction and wellbeing through better Service Network Leadership.

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What is 'service'?

Offering service to others is a basic part of what it is to be human, and also how we can find fulfillment in everything we do. Service is so much more than the customer service most people think about. 

Who we are – our being – makes the biggest difference when it comes to our personal, professional and long-term success. And that’s the point of our training: to improve our being so that we offer the best service to the people in our lives. 

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A Training Program 50 Years in the Making

Our training program is the result of more than four decades of experience, research, and development. Founded by Po Chung, our Service-Network Leadership program is the result of Po’s commitment and passion for helping people be more fulfilled members in their communities. 

Po’s ideas, models and approach were battle-tested at DHL, the global courier and express logistics multinational. These ideas and mindset helped DHL’s incredible growth,  letting the company quickly expand to cover the world. 

Po was one of the key visionaries behind making DHL into what it is today: the world’s leading global courier.  The world’s most global of global companies. Creating an international, cross-cultural and worldwide service network is something most people don’t think about, but in fact, has important lessons for all of us. 


Have the right mindset to succeed.

Our lessons and modules were designed for helping you develop the best mindset for working with others. This is the path for getting the highest engagement and contribution from everyone on your team.

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Help Yourself and Your Network Thrive

First, service is the energy that’s shared between two people. That energy has a health that can be enhanced or corrupted. 

Second, a service network is what we get when two or more people unite under a shared mission or goal. So a family is a service network. So is a team. And so is a multinational corporation. 

And third, if you want to succeed and thrive, everyone in your network will work better if everyone respects and uses the best practices common to the best service networks.

Your role and the opportunity is to help everyone and yourself be better through Service-Network Leadership.  

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